Reconnection: Responding to the Climate Crisis Inside Out | March 1st

‘Reconnection: Responding to the Climate Crisis Inside Out’ is the latest policy report from The Mindfulness Initiative looking at the potential for mindfulness and contemplative practices to build and strengthen connectivity in a way that supports greater resilience and more appropriate responses to the climate crisis.

The report follows a research collaboration between The Mindfulness Initiative and the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, including 25 in-depth interviews with national and transnational politicians and policymakers, and consultation with leading experts working on ‘inner’ aspects of the climate crisis. They draw upon the emerging evidence base linking internal transformation to external sustainability, and broader academic literature on the prosocial impact of mindfulness and compassion training.

It will be issued as a consultation draft initially, and at the launch event you will have the opportunity to hear the main thesis of the report, as well as ask us questions on our findings and recommendations. They’ll also have some opening comments from Jon Kabat-Zinn.

When: March 1st 4-5:30 GMT

Register via this link.

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